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Ce cours sera donné en Anglais
This course will be held in English

Zesty Orange Lemon Cake

A light dessert perfect for the spring season
For 5 people
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Techniques covered

To handle everything like a pro

How to prepare your cake and the cake mold appropriately
How to make a strawberry sauce in 2 minutes
How to make a coconut frosting to top it off using a pastry bag and nozzle 

Live introduction

Preparation time : 25 min
Cooking time: 15-30 min

Product info

Lemons & Oranges are extremely rich in vitamin C !
- Great to support the immune system
- Great to boost your energy and vitality
- Great if you’re craving something fresh and light

Chef's ustensils

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1 large mixing bowl
1 spatula
1 grater (for the zests)
1 Chef’s knife
1 cutting board
1 cake mold
1 oven
1 electrical whisk / hand whisk / normal whisk
1 pastry bag (optional)
1 pastry nozzle for decoration (optional)
1 small cooking pot
1 blender  
Scale to weigh ingredients

In your shopping cart

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Cake ingredients
2/3 oranges (20g of zests)
2/3 lemons (10g of zests)
5g baking powder
100g soy yogurt
100g coconut sugar
60g almond meal/flour
20g coconut oil
50g almond milk
2g rock salt
100g rice flour

Strawberry / Berry sauce ingredients

15g Strawberries or raspberries or mixed berries (frozen can be used here too)
10g coconut yogurt

45g icing sugar
135g vegan coco butter/margarine (ex :  from the brand vita coco) Or Coconut cream in a can, that you need to place in the fridge the night prior
25g pistachios

Content of the live

Sarah S.

Holistic nutrition Cheffe

Coach holistic cuisine
Of Lebanese origin, I work with a healthy, gourmet, lactose-free, gluten-free (often), seasonal lactose-free, gluten-free (often), seasonal, which adapts to intolerances. Holistic nutrition focuses on ingredients of plant origin plant-based ingredients, plants. This way of life focuses on seeds, fruits, vegetables, oilseeds, legumes and encourages minimizing encourage minimizing animal products, and avoiding industrial products. industrial products.

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